EcoLab® Specifix™ Lemon Lift® Kitchen & Bath Cleaner - 20 oz., EcoLab, Chemicals
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EcoLab® Specifix™ Lemon Lift® Kitchen & Bath Cleaner - 20 oz.

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EcoLab® Specifix™ Lemon Lift® Kitchen & Bath Cleaner - 20oz. 

Heavy-duty chlorine bleach cleaner/destainer. Its surfactants power off soap scum, while its bleach attacks stubborn stains. Effectively removes mildew and stains from tile, tubs, sinks, vinyl mats and curtains, synthetic marble, and other hard surfaces. Non-aerosol spray. This product attacks and lifts the toughest and nastiest crud you've got... without all the arm-aching and back-breaking scrubbing other cleaners make you endure. Spray once. Wipe once. When you want it done right the first time. 

This product may be purchased only by Wyndham properties. Other interested parties please contact your local Ecolab representative.

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