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ADA Compliant Guest Room Kit with TTY (ADA-1000)

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: ADA-1000

: ADA-1000


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ADA Compliant Guest Room Kit with TTY (ADA-1000)

This ADA Compliance kit allows you to achieve ADA compliance. This kit also includes a TTY. One ADA compliant kit provides the necessary devices for one room.  Please check www.ada.gov  to make sure you have the correct number of ADA compliant rooms at your hotel.  These kits can be used anywhere in the hospitality industry including hospitals and nursing homes as well as hotels/motels.  The kits include one each of the following:

·         Clarity AlertMaster® AL10™ Notification System – this alert system notifies the guest of knocks on the door, incoming telephone calls, and the beeping of the alarm clock

·         Minicom IV™ TTY – product highlights include: a display that accommodates up to twenty characters at a time and rechargeable batteries.  TTY can also be hooked up to a printer (not included).

·         Clarity Telephone Amplifier - This amplifier uses a 9 volt battery and can increase volume 100 times the normal level of the phone.  Highlights include tone and volume control, and a “boost” function that filters out static and background noise. Note: amplifier is not compatible with Trimline phones of phones that feature the number pad on the handset.

·         Gentex 710LS smoke alarm – alarm uses both audio and visual signals to alert occupants to the presence of smoke.  Product highlights include: a 177 candela strobe light, a 90 decibel alarm tone, alarm can be wall mounted, simple to install.

·         ADA Compliance Sign- sign alerts hearing impaired guests that assistive listening devices are available.

·         Convenient carrying case

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