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Tribeca Series

3 Drawer Chest
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0802A
3 Drawer Chest
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0802B
3 Drawer Chest w/VCR Shelf
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0802C
3 Drawer Chest w/VCR Shelf
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0802
Activity Table
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0807
ADA Desk
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0805B
Coffee Table<br />
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0815
Console Table<br />
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0834
Desk (No Drawer)
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0805C
Desk w/Drawer and Ferrules
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0805E
Double Queen Headboard w/Wall Guards
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0811B
End Table<br />
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0816
Full Headboard 56x1.5x32<br />
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0810B
King Headboard
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0812E
King Headboard w/Wall Guards<br />
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0812D
King Headboard<br />
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0812F
Luggage Bench <br />
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0814A
MicroFridge Cabinet<br />
Sku:  F-DU-TG-0823A