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Closeout Specials

12 Literature Holder
12x12 Bar Mop with Blue Stripe<br />
Sku:  1212BARMOP
12x12 White Bar Mops<br />
Sku:  1212BARMOP-WHT
16x19 White Bar Mop<br />
Sku:  1619BARMOP-WHT
16X27 Domestiq Bone Color Hand Towel
Sku:  1627DOM BONEIM
16x27 Hand Towel Simply Smart&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />
Sku:  1627DOM SIMPLY
20x30 Bone Domestic Bath Mats<br />
Sku:  2030DOM BONE MX
20x30 Domestiq Beige&nbsp;Bath Mat
Sku:  2030DOM BONEIM
21x40 Dundee Bath Towels
Sku:  2140DOM DUNDEE
24x48 Domestic Bath Towels
Sku:  2448DOM DUNDEE
24x50 Irregular Springs/Dundee Bath Towels
Sku:  2450DOMIR
25x52 Domestic Bath Towels IRR
Sku:  2552DOMIR
27x54 Domestic Bath Towels<br />
Sku:  2754DOMDUN-15
35x70 Bath Sheet
Sku:  S3570BATHSHT
4-Cup &quot;Gourmet Roast&quot; Decaf Coffee
Sku:  COF-DC83
4-Cup Decaf &quot;Best Choice&quot; Coffee
Sku:  COF-FS2
4-Cup Decaf &quot;Best Choice&quot; Coffee Kit
Sku:  COF-FS8
4-Cup Decaf Gourmet Roast Coffee
Sku:  COF-FS83
4-Cup Decaf with Condiment Kit
Sku:  COF-TS8
4mil Green Nitrile Gloves -Large
Sku:  GL-NT-4-GR-L