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3 Drawer Chest w/Shelf (Accent Toe Kick)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A402B
3 Drawer Chest w/Shelf (Accent Toe Kick)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A402I
3 Drawer Chest w/Shelf (No Accent)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A402A
Activity Table w/Ferrules
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A407
Cocktail Table w/Ferrules
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A415B
Desk w/Drawer and Ferrules
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A405G
Desk w/Ferrules (No Drawer)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A405B
Double Headboard
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A410B
End Table w/Ferrules
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A416B
King Headboard <br />
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Sku:  F-DU-AS-A412H
Left/Right Nightstand w/Ferrules (Open 1 Side)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A404FL/FR
Luggage Bench (No Ferrules)(COM Fabric 1 yd)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A414B
MicroFridge Combo Unit w/Door and Ferrules
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A423D
MicroFridge Combo Unit w/Ferrules (No Door)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A423I
Nightstand w/Ferrules (Closed Sides)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A404H
Queen Headboard
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A411F
Round Side Table w/Ferrules
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A416F
Wardrobe (Black Toe Kick)
Sku:  F-DU-AS-A403