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Lamp Shades

6x17x11.5 Lamp Shade
Sku:  LAMPSH6-17-11.5
6x18x12 Lamp Shade
Sku:  LAMPSH6-18-12
6x18x12 Plain Lamp Shade
Sku:  LAMPSH6-18-12-PL-IVR
6x18x13 Lamp Shade
Sku:  LAMPSH6-18-13
6x21x14 Lamp Shade
Sku:  LAMPSH6-21-14
7x11x9 Lamp Shade
Sku:  LAMPSH7-11-9
7x13x10 Lamp Shade
Sku:  LAMPSH7-13-10
7x17x17 Lamp Shade
Sku:  LAMPSH7-17-17
Replacement Shade for 16" Ceiling Drum Light w/ Brushed Nickel Finish
Sku:  L-CEIL-CL10-SH
Replacement Shade for 16" Ceiling Light w/ Satin Nickel Finish
Sku:  L-CEIL-CL6-16SN-SH
Replacement Shade for Carefree Desk Lamp
Sku:  L-CARE-3155DS-SH
Replacement Shade for Carefree Floor Lamp
Sku:  L-CARE-3154FL-SH
Replacement Shade for Carefree Table Lamp
Sku:  L-CARE-3152TS-SH
Replacement Shade for Confident Double Wall Lamp
Sku:  L-CON-3351WD-SH
Replacement Shade for Confident Floor Lamp
Sku:  L-CON-3354FL-SH
Replacement Shade for Confident Single Wall Lamp
Sku:  L-CON-3350WS-SH
Replacement Shade for Englewood Floor Lamp
Sku:  L-ENG-2054FL-SH
Replacement Shade for Englewood Single Table Lamp
Sku:  L-ENG-2052TS-SH