Zephair Air Freshener
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EcoLab® ZephAir™ RTU Air & Fabric Refresher - 32 oz.

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: EL-6100129

Product Description

EcoLab® ZephAir­™ "Ready To Use" Air & Fabric Refresher - 32 oz. 

Tackles the toughest malodors, eliminating them quickly, safely, and completely. The tool for tackling food and fitness room odors. Clean White Cotton. Specially formulated for the type and strength of odors found in hospitality and long-term care settings, office buildings, schools, and much more, delivering odor fighting power that consumer-alternatives simply can't match. The fragrance mixes breezy air, a touch of floral, and hints of jasmine.

This product may be purchased only by Wyndham properties. Other interested parties, please contact your local EcoLab representative. 

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